Abjiatta-Shalla National Park (‘The Bird Paradise’)

Abijatta-Shall National Park is one of the famous wildlife adventures in Ethiopia: the park is located 200Km from the capital Addis Ababa and known for hosting more than 300 bird species including the famous Flamingos, Pelicans, and Ostriches. Other big mammals in this rift valley national park include Grant’s Gazzele, Greater and Lesser Kudu, Warthog and rare spotted hyna. The primary attractions of this national park are a number of hot springs on the northeast corner of Lake Abijatta opposite to the deepest Lake (shall) in Ethiopia.

A nice slow driving day with a lunch in one of the best resorts on the adjacent of the park would make memorable day or overnight in one of the Resorts is also an option. Lake Langano where most Resorts are based is one of the swimming-friendly lakes and many water sport activities are being held on the shores.

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