Wonder & Enchantment

Festivals & pilgrimage tour

Ethiopia is a land of wonder and enchantment, a country with one of the richest histories on the African continent, home to cultured and friendly people who are descended from some of the world’s oldest civilizations and religion has been a constant and central attribute. Christianity and Islam are the two major religions in the country.

Majority of the population belong to the Ethiopian Orthodox faith and about 35% of the population is Muslim. Some percentage of the society holds traditional and other beliefs. All forms of religious celebrations are held throughout the country; they are deep rooted and colorful to watch. The most sacred element in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the replica of the Ark of the Covenant; every church in Ethiopia houses a copy because it is the foundation.

The Ark of the Covenant will be named after different Angles, saints, Godhead of whom they do a miracle. There will be a coronation dates where that particular Angle or saint is specially celebrated by many. There is extra benefit/blessing to go to these places on the special occasion to witness the Vows fulfilled and people do consecrating. This is why many people from all the corners will travel to a specially celebrated attraction like Lalibela, Gondar, and Dire Dawa on the predetermined dates.

It is full of ceremonies and festival throughout the year including the Ethiopian New Year. We will try to relate your vacations with our festivals so that your trip to Ethiopia will be enjoyable.

Here are some selected annual Festivals and Pilgrimage Tours

Festivals & Pilgrimage tours