Paradise of tribal society

The South Omo Valley

This unique route takes you to one the of most isolated and out-of-this-world lifestyle of the different tribes residing on the bank of Omo River which eventually flows to Lake Turkana, Kenya.

You will witness how these people have managed to keep their culture and identity uninfluenced for thousands of years. Over 16 different tribes live around Omo Valley and they all have different culture and practices.

It is amazing to participate in some of the weirdest societal activities like the Bull-jumping and Evangadi Dance of Hamer tribe and the Donga stick fights of Mursi. The marketing days are a good opportunity to see very colorful and pure culture of trading where at some point Bartering can be seen.

The tribes find ways of differentiating themselves from one another and the famous Mursi are known for their Women to have their lower lips cut and insert clay as a means of beautifying themselves

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