Enjoy Hidden Mystery

Special Tour Programs

Ethiopia is land of mystery and untold history. We offer specially designed tours to take you to some wonderful and completely different to your usual trips. Take this chance to experience one of the hottest and lowest place on the planet—the Danakil Depression, covered by sulpher and other minerals posing an amazing colorful landscape, and Eartale, world’s active volcano activities.

Rock climbing around the chain-like Gheralta Cliffs will definitely make your days unforgettable; reaching the highest point in what could be the most dramatic manner.

This is where Birdwatchers enjoy their time in some of the most amazing and bird-rich areas: Ethiopia houses thousands of Bird species that are endemic to the nation and most migrated from the rest of the world.

Adventure through the some of the dense Coffee forests in the Coffee origin areas of Ethiopia

This tour can be combined with some other sites so that you will enjoy your favorite part together with additional inputs.

Special Tours