Wonchi Crater Lake

One of the perfect one day excursions for people with limited time, or even camping near the Lake for those with more time, Wonchi Crater Lake offers an amazing escape from the busy traffic and crowded life in Addis Ababa. Wonchi is located 160Km from the capital that includes the last few Kilometers of Dirt Road. Driving west from Addis Ababa, the real countryside views of Ethiopia will start emerging and at some point we will drive past small villages.

It is such a beautiful, serene place with fabulous views from the top down to the emerald green water below. The green from the surrounding trees and hills is reflected from the still waters which surround the small island which houses a Monastery. Mammals’ like Troupes of Colombus monkeys leap from trees, there are dozens of bird species and the scenery is wonderful.

A day in Wonchi is always a day well spent.

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