Paying a visit to Axum is going to the very first permanent capital of Ethiopia. You will be welcomed by the fame Axum, the great Staele on the center of the town, and the friendly people who have never lost their tradition tracing from the 4th century or before. The Axumite kingdom which brings its emergence relating it with the King Solomon of Israel, ruled Ethiopia for about 9 century and in its prosperous period, it was one the great super power along the ancient, Rome, China and Persia. It covered present day Yemen, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

Christianity was officially adopted during the famous king Ezana time in the 4th century and it has strongly been the state regional until very recently. Travel around Axum and feel the untold stories of Axum where you can see written manuscripts on leather and stones and towering Staele as the last piece of evidences where the mighty kingdom used to rule Ethiopia.

Axum is where the legendary Queen of Sheba was based and home to the world’s most sacred element—the Ark of the Covenant—a tablet where Jesus Christ wrote the ten commandant and gave to Moses—but eventually came to Ethiopia during Queen of Sheba time by her son, Menelik I

Axum is one of the many UNESCO registered tour destinations in Ethiopia and a place where history is thought by just what you see.

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