Lalibela and surrounding

Lalibela, “the African Jerusalem” is regarded as one of the 8th wonder of the world for housing amazingly curved underground churches out of monolithic volcanic rock called Tufa. Lalibela’s churches are generally considered to be the highlight of the Zagwe dynasty in general that ruled Ethiopia after the Axumite kingdom. If there is something that everybody finds it hard to explain nicely, it is the Lalibela Rock hewn churches.

These incredible edifices remain places of living worship to this day. The legend says that angels helped build the churches which were built at great speed and seem to be of superhuman creation in scale, workmanship and concept.

Christmas in Lalibela is not like other places in Ethiopia, it is the most colorful and astonishing festival with thousands of pilgrims from all corner of Ethiopia going there a week before the actual ceremony to attend and share the blessing of saint Lalibela whose birthday is on the same day with Jesus Christ—the main reason why Christmas is so special there.

There are 11 Rock hewn churches only in the city of Lalibela, and if you have enough time, there are plenty of spots to visit in less than 50Km radius distance from the town including the famous astounding marble church of Yimerehane Kiristos (42Km), Asheten Mariam (7Km on the top hill) and Nakutulaab, the most accessible of all. Without a doubt, your trip to Lalibela will always be in your mind and there are a lot to tell about this place

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