Gondar, located right in the middle of the most highly promoted historic route of Northern Ethiopia, just beneath the semein Mountains National Park, became capital of Ethiopia in the middle of the 17th century when Emperor Fasiledes took over the throne.

Dubbed as ‘Camelot of Africa’, Gondar is a royal and ancient historical center of Ethiopia and houses many clusters of Castle-like buildings from where the Emperors and warlords ruled Ethiopia: the famous and the UNESCO inscribed castle is the Royal Enclosures just on the present city center. An amazing and hard-to-imagine architecture from the ancient Ethiopian civilization is a witness to tell how far aspired Ethiopia went forward back in the old days.

There are plenty of sites to visit in and around Gondar including the Fasiledes bath, which actively serve during the most colorful Ethiopian Epiphany celebration, Debre-Birhan sillase church—the most beautiful decorated ceiling church, Quvquam castle, the Welka village—the last surviving Black Jewish in Ethiopia, and many more attractions.

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