Gheralta Rock Mountains And Amazing Cliffs

Prepare for the most adventurous tour of your life with horde of Mountains to climb to see clusters of 4th century churches but ONLY at the top of all the Rocky Mountains. Gheralta rock climbing is one of the rarest tourism activities in Ethiopia, but something that will always stay in your mind for the rest of your life.

Among the plenty of ancient cave churches, the famous ones include, Mariam Korkor, Abune Yemata, Wukro Cherkos, Abreha wa Atsebeha and many more. Gheralta is a place where even the Chritian devotees find it so hard to climb to the top and get the blessing. Being tightened with a rope and pulled all the way up and down, you will simple forget what is in your mind about life. Seems scary, but it is doable and once on the top, the breathtaking views and scenery will make you say, “It is worth climbing”

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