Harar: The Most Colorful And Lively City In The East

Harar, famously known as the fourth holiest Islamic city after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem, is found in the Eastern Ethiopia. it is one of the many places in Ethiopia where most colorful and lively society resides. There are a mix of different ethnicity and lived here for more than a Millennium and the harmony among themselves is what makes Harar a place to visit not only for foreigners, for Ethiopian living in the other corner too. They are so friendly that they can even domesticate the wildest animal, Hyenas—it is where you will see the most daring activity in your life, feeding the hyena in your mouth!

Harar, has a lot to show you and make your days unforgettable. Over 90 Islamic shrines which are giving services and some big markets including especial one- local Khat market; it is becoming a very distinctive features of the society around Harar to enjoy and spend their days with chewing Khat—which has stimulating power.

Harar has been registered by UNECO as a world heritage site and it indeed desereves to be in the list for what it will show you in your brief time. The different Musuems and traditional houses are typical of Harar. It is a place where you will be naturally forced to feel the atmosphere and liveliness!

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