Debre Libanos Monastry

This short excursion combines both religious and natural adventures. Located 100Km north of Addis Ababa via the Road leading to Bahirdar, Debre Libanos Monastery is one of the most important religious places for Ethiopian Orthodox believers. This 13th century monastery used to serve as the Head-cathedral of Ethiopia, before it moved to Addis Ababa to the Holy Trinity Cathedral. The newly constructed church of Debre Libanos was made by King Hailesillase I in 1960. The interior part of the church is beautifully painted with biblical stories.

The nice asphalt road will finish with a majestic view over the big Gorge, where it is guaranteed to see several big troops of Monkeys. During Ethiopian rainy season, there will be a nice big waterfall over the legendary “Portuguese” bridge, 16th century Bridge made from Ostrich egg and gypsum by the Portuguese who were here to help the Christian highland Kingdom on a war with the invading Muslim sultanate. End of the day, return to Addis Ababa with great memories of the mixed adventure experienced the same.

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