Abune Yoseph Mountains & Cliffs

This less-traveled natural site is found some 55Km north of the ancient town of Lalibela. Officially the third highest peak in Ethiopia, the Abune Yoseph massif is nothing short of the aforementioned spots to welcome and amaze you with its untouched environment. Trekking normally starts in Lalibela accompanied by horses and donkeys carrying your luggage, and you will be amazed with what you will see after just few hours of walking from the town.

Apart from the wildlife treasures like the rare Ethiopian Wolf and abundant baboons and great number of endemic and migratory birds, the real Ethiopian countryside life style is there visible. Trekkers are warmly welcomed anywhere they are going to and the local people are supper friendly. In all the trekking areas, you are invited to get involved in some seasonal agricultural activities like plough, thrashing, local food preparations and so much more.

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