Simien Mountains National Park

The only Natural UNESCO inscribed attraction in Ethiopia provides fully entertaining couple of trekking days.

Trek through the Simien Mountains, following an extensive network of trails. The quality of these trails, along with the fantastic scenery, unique flora, diverse wildlife and rich bird life make this a rewarding and challenging trek.

This extensive trek explores in depth one of Africans largest mountain ranges, studded with at least a dozen peaks over the 4,000m mark. These include Ras Dejen the highest point in Ethiopia, and the 4th highest peak in Africa. Trekkers may well witness the different mammals that are restricted only to this national park starring, the abundant Gelada Baboons, the rare Ethiopian Wolf and the shy Walia Ibex, depending on the length of trekking.

“It is indeed a paradise for natural history enthusiasts as well as for trekkers.”

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