The Guasa Plateau

uasa Massif is one of the less-travelled and isolated natural attraction located 260Km from Addis Ababa via the Northern Ethiopia route. En route to this trekking, it is worthwhile to stop at ‘the Menelik Window’ and start feeling the welcoming fresh atmosphere and giggling Baboons everywhere in the chain-Mountains. It can take a full relaxing day driving to arrive to the entrance, making several hard-to-leave photo stops.

The Guasa plateau is 110 km2 and hosts many endemic mammals including Ethiopian Wolf, Gelada Baboons, Klipspringer and plenty of Bird species fly over the clean & blue sky. The Giant Lobelia and Guasa grass—from which the area derived its name are the most abundant tree type.

It is almost impossible to return to Addis one the same day especially if trekkers are interested to have some social relations and share the most blessed life style of the Menz community. Like in the other popular trekking spots, trekkers are welcome to try all sort of transportation, horse riding—the most common practice, or walking through the beautiful grassland.

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